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The Power of Gratitude

Adam Claxton
· Jun 27, 2022

You have probably heard this by now but being grateful is life changing. There is no wonder it has become a trend to make lists of things you are grateful for and appreciate what we have. 


Do you know why and how giving thanks can positively transform your life? 


I don’t agree with having positive thoughts all the time but I remain as upbeat as I can, we are all just human beings trying to survive in a chaotic world.


It’s perfectly fine to have a negative thought occasionally.


The aim should not be to try and control all your thoughts (on average we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day) but to cultivate a positive attitude that becomes your default.

When you practice positive thinking, you can relax the constant monitoring of your thoughts. 


One of the best ways that I have found to cultivate positivity is through gratitude. 

Here are 10 ways gratitude can improve your life


1. Gratitude increases mental strength 


Studies show that practicing gratitude can boost your happiness and resilience. Start by writing down things you are grateful for every day, keep a gratitude journal and start putting in to practice. Gratitude has also been known to help people deal with trauma and PTSD


2. Gratitude decreases stress 


Gratitude reduces stress by taking our minds away from toxic emotions we may be feeling around frustrations, anxiety and life problems and relieves their negative impact. When we have been practicing gratitude regularly, our ability to switch focus is improved and our attention is more inclined to turn towards the good things in life or to find the positives of a situation that have otherwise proved stressful. 


3. Gratitude improves physical health 


Grateful people feel better physically overall. They experience fewer pains and illnesses and tend to exercise more. People who keep gratitude journals tend to take better care of their health too. Some studies show that it can even help with lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy immune system


4. Gratitude helps relationships 


Gratitude can increase your sense of belonging in the world, which in turn makes you feel less lonely and more connected to everyone else.

It’s also proven that appreciation of others, literally giving thanks to people for their contributions in your life, will benefit your relationships overall. 


5. Gratitude helps us sleep better 


Write down or say out loud the things you are grateful for before you go to sleep. This will help to relax the mind away from worries and stresses allowing you to focus on the good things. If you are in bed worrying it will not help towards a good night’s sleep. Gratitude will help to reprogram the thoughts to positives and ultimately a better sleeping pattern.


6. Gratitude improves self-esteem 


Being grateful can help us feel better about what we have in our lives, put a stop to unhealthy comparisons, and appreciate that there is room for everyone to experience happiness and success in this life. When you practice gratitude, you practice self-love, which is truly vital for a happy life. 


7. Gratitude makes us kinder 


People who have a daily practice of gratitude become naturally kinder, they are more likely to help someone in need or volunteer to be of service. A focus on gratitude in our own lives opens our hearts to those in need and give us that positive boost and ability to extend our love outwards. 


8. Gratitude can help us reach our goals 


Those who regularly make lists of things to be grateful for are more likely to achieve personal goals or make faster progress in their career. Gratitude can connect us to our purpose, make us see what we are capable of and give us more motivation and the ability to find solutions to challenges. 


9. Gratitude makes us feel more optimistic 


Gratitude can make us feel happier, more optimistic, and more in control of the path we are on in life. When our emotions aredriven by gratitude, we begin to see more clearly in areas where we may have previously felt dejected. A feeling of optimism can infuse us with strength and determination to live our lives more purposefully. 


10. Gratitude gives us perspective 


When we start being grateful, we begin to think less of ourselves and more of others. We develop compassion, empathy and kindness to turn the focus away from our own lives and can see others with more clarity. 


Gratitude is a practice, and like all practices, consistency and determination are key.


What are you grateful for today?


Feel the power of gratitude and enjoy this life-changing practice!



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