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How do we get to the top?

Adam Claxton
· Jan 21, 2023

How do we get to the top daddy?

Son, let me tell you this.

Life is tough and it is not as straight forward as you think!

You will fall backwards, you will fail, you will struggle and you may not understand why you can’t climb any quicker.

You will have moments where you ask yourself is this worth it?

You will doubt your capabilities, you will lose confidence and you will feel pain.

There is beauty in all of the things that will happen because you will learn how to pick yourself up again. You will learn how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that you’re facing and you will learn that your strength will increase the more you keep on trying.

Don’t be put off, give up or let anybody tell you that it isn’t possible. The more you try the more you work things out and the more resilient you become.

When you go through setbacks, these are actually setting you up for your greatest comebacks. Your toughest lessons will become your biggest blessings and they will help you discover your talent and the unlimited potential that you possess.

I want you to enjoy your life and be happy, don’t overcomplicate things, don’t overthink and remember..

We are always behind you, to the side of you and one day cheer you on from up above you.

I believe that you can make anything possible and continue to guide, protect and teach you all the things I know.

Guess what? I will love you always.

So how do we get to the top?

We take it one step at a time

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