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A robust ethics and compliance program is much more than just policies and documentation. Ethical conduct has to be ingrained in the company’s culture - has to be fostered, nurtured.

In 2022, there are many ways of employee monitoring that are largely in use. Are the keystroke tracking, mandatory check-in, GPS tracking, etc. really considered ethical or are they a serious privacy issue, and more importantly, a trust issue?

Implementing a strong and effective ethics policy is a hard task that many employers and employees struggle with.

In order to have a 100% ethical workplace, everyone has to be on the same page and fully understand the company’s policy, code of conduct, and the duty of each individual.

How is this achieved?

Join us today to find out!

David Brown, Labour, Employment and Human Rights Lawyer will share some useful insights, practical examples, and a guide to an effective ethics policy.

What you will learn?
Ethics Violations
Technology concerns
Gig Economy Workers Protection
Termination for misconduct
Behavioral risk
Prevent unethical behavior
PwC Case Study
Remote Workers Surveillance
Ethics & Social Media
Trust Gap
Protection of Whistleblowers
Failing of the country’s system
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2 hours on-demand video
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Intermediate level
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No preparation required
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Section 1. 2-Hour Ethics: Effective Ethics Policies-Part1
2-Hour Ethics: Effective Ethics Policies
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Co-Founder + Partner - Labour, Employment and Human Rights Lawyer at Ascent Employment Law

David believes in the power of work. Work creates important roles for individuals and enterprises. To the individual, work is often a pillar of personal identity that is connected to the opportunities for exploration and growth that employment can provide. For the enterprise, work is a means to solve challenges in our communities. Work sparks innovation, fosters community engagement, and creates synergistic energy. It is an opportunity to create sustainability. David’s belief in the power of work, and his appreciation that work affects our psychological and emotional health, is reflected in his legal practice. He advises businesses on how they can create workplaces that flourish so they can realize their mission. David also fights for employees to ensure that every individual’s workplace is a strong and positive pillar of personal identity. Known for his approachable humor, plain language communication style, and fondness for wearing rock band t-shirts to the office, David has been a trusted employment advisor in the British Columbia Interior for many years.

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