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As a leader, your job is to inspire your team to accomplish your organization's goals. And, you inspire your team by building trust and credibility. But, one way you'll erode that trust and credibility is by not being good enough at having critical leadership conversations. In this course, you'll learn a practical and effective method for having, what are often, difficult and uncomfortable conversations. Those conversations are: · Communicating change · Providing direct support · Resolving conflict · Improving performance · Acknowledging contribution Although these conversations are critical, they don't need to be complex or time-consuming. Applying the 5-step method that you'll learn in this course will make you more comfortable and effective at having these conversations, and it will save you time. The 5-step method for the 5 critical leadership conversations has helped leaders across North America engage their teams and be their best when it matters most. And, the 5-step method is equally effective regardless of whether you're having the conversation in-person or online. In this professionally produced course, you'll watch your instructor demonstrate the 5-step method and provide real-life leadership examples and experience. We've also included a course guide that's loaded with helpful tools that you can download and start using right away. Although leadership takes time, you know how important it is to take time to improve your leadership skills. The 5-step method for the 5 critical leadership conversations is an essential tool in your leadership toolbox. This course takes approximately 80 to 90 minutes to complete. The course has of 14 video modules, 2 short quizzes, and a downloadable guide in .pdf format. Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to download your certificate.
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