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This ethics course created and presented by a veteran ethics instructor with wide and deep real-life ethics experience, works through a wide variety of situations and scenarios, to strengthen your ethical courage, and your tactics for dealing with dilemmas. AGENDA
  • Ethics and provisions
  • The unfair complaint or false accusation
  • Corporate Codes of Ethics issues
  • Resolutions in multiple scenarios
  • Get them fired for ethics
  • Standing up for minority shareholders
  • When the result of your ethical stand seems unfair
  • The iceberg issue
  • Lots of cases in applying ethical thinking
  • Ethics when you are not at work, is there a divide?
  • Holding to ethics does you more good than you realize
  • Where should the rules come from? And more
  • This course includes:
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    calendar_todayPublished At Sep 26, 2023
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