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You’re struggling to connect with an analytically-minded client, and just don’t know what to do. The client is skeptical: pushing back against your efforts to help them solve problems, pulling back when you try to build trust, demanding hard data instead of your tried-and-true intuitions.

You’re worried that you’ll never be your best self with such analytically-minded clients, who often include CEOs, CFOs, engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, programmers, and so many others who come to us for coaching. Fortunately, behavioral science research on emotional and social intelligence can help you help them get the coaching support they need.

This course offers best practices and case studies on effective use of emotional and social intelligence-based strategies by a coach who has worked for over 20 years with executives from Fortune 500 companies as well as dozens of middle-market firms to empower the growth of analytically-minded people in ways that align with ICF Core Competencies. It provides you with clear take-aways to help you become an outstanding coach for such clients.

Core Competencies Covered in the Course
• Creating awareness in analytically-minded clients of their emotions and situations when their analytical mindset may be causing them problems
• Direct communication with analytically-minded clients, balancing hard data and research with than stories and questions
• Establishing trust and intimacy with the client, through using the kind of evidence that’s convincing to analytically-minded clients
• Active listening, to determine whether your analytical client’s learning style is deductive or inductive and targeting their specific information consumption needs
• Establishing the coaching agreement, focusing on preparing for the almost-inevitable conflicts and addressing emotions

That's what you can expect in this course: methods used successfully with analytically-minded clients at even the biggest companies, thoroughly informed by cutting-edge research, and featured in top media venues and best-selling books around the globe.

Course Content and Structure Overview
• The textbook for this course is my bestseller on decision-making and problem-solving for analytically-minded people, The Truth-Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide. It is targeted at a broad readership, and the videos are specifically oriented toward applying the content in the book to the needs of coaches.
• The course is self-paced, consisting of 6 modules which the participants can complete any time they want, along with opportunities to ask me any questions on the modules.
• For each module, participants in the course will first read the book chapters. Then, participants will answer questions in the book chapters. Each chapter has references for additional readings that participants are invited to check out for additional context on any concepts about which they wish to learn more. Each set of readings and questions should take about 45-60 minutes.
• Next, participants will watch the 15-minute video which uses case studies to apply the content of the readings to real-life coaching scenarios targeting analytically-minded people.
• After each video, they should journal for 20-30 minutes about how they can apply the strategies described in the book and video to their coaching practice.

So why should you take my course rather than someone else’s course? Simply because this course provides unparalleled value. No one else comes even close to my level of credibility in the course topic:
• As a trainer for Fortune 500 companies
• As a behavioral scientist
• As a best-selling author
• As a globally-renowned thought leader

I look forward to welcoming you into the world of evidence-based, science-driven techniques tested in the real world of many Fortune 500 companies and numerous middle-market companies and startups. To ensure that you master how to coach analytically-minded clients using best practices from behavioral science tested in Fortune 500 companies, register now!

Who is this course for?
Coaches who want to dramatically improve their ability to coach analytically minded clients

What you will learn?
• Identify how to solve typical challenges experienced by coaches in dealing with analytical clients at Fortune 500 firms and elsewhere
• Master emotional and social intelligence research-based tools to connect with and coach analytically minded clients
• Develop a plan with specific next steps to adapt for yourself the best practices on coaching analytically minded clients tested at Fortune 500 firms
• Empower your analytically-minded clients by helping them learn critical emotional and social intelligence-based strategies
• Gain the ability to align these strategies with International Coaching Federation Core Competencies
2 hours on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Intermediate level
  • You need to trust best practices on coaching analytically minded clients from Fortune 500 companies and behavioral science-based findings over outdated advice such as “go with your gut”. You need to be committed to doing the exercises, since just watching the videos and reading the texts will not be enough to make the dramatic improvement you want for your coaching skills
No preparation required
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7 Video
2 hours
Section 1. Module 1: Introduction: Systems of Thinking-Part1
Systems of Thinking
19m 45s
Section 2. Module 2: False Beliefs About Oneself-Part1
False Beliefs About Oneself
25m 34s
Section 3. Module 3: False Beliefs About Others-Part1
False Beliefs About Others
19m 2s
Section 4. Module 4: Communicating Ethically-Part1
Communicating Ethically
13m 19s
Section 5. Module 5: Making Major Decisions-Part1
Making Major Decisions
11m 1s
Section 6. Module 6: Avoiding Disasters-Part1
Avoiding Disasters
15m 36s
Section 7. Module 7: Next Steps for Course Mastery-Part1
Course Completion Video - Lifelong Learning for Content Mastery
2m 1s
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"Master science-based best practices of Fortune 500 firms" You are getting the benefit of my two decades of experience as a trainer and consultant for Fortune 500 executives, managers, and supervisors when you take my courses. As the CEO of the training and consulting firm Disaster Avoidance Experts, I trained these leaders on my areas of expertise – cutting-edge behavioral science-based techniques in decision making, future proofing, and cognitive bias risk management in the future of work. and related fields. My clients include Fortune 500 firms such as Aflac, Applied Materials, Entergy, Honda, IBM, Jones Lang LaSalle, Reckitt, Wells Fargo, and Xerox; large nonprofits such as the World Wildlife Fund and The Columbus Foundation; government agencies such as the US Defense Health Agency and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; as well as numerous middle-market companies and quickly-growing startups. You can be confident that you are getting the training courses that these organizations paid me a lot of money to develop. Besides these two decades of real-world experience, my expertise also comes from a deep research background as a behavioral scientist. I spent over 15 years in academia, first getting a PhD and teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then teaching for 7 years as a professor at Ohio State University, where I published numerous peer-reviewed academic publications. While there, I taught thousands of students online and in-person using the latest principles in the educational psychology of adult learning. My teaching combines Fortune 500 best practices with groundbreaking research findings and educational psychology methodologies. My expertise has been widely recognized in over 550 articles I published and 450 interviews I gave to prominent venues. They include Fortune, USA Today, Fast Company, CBS News, CNBC, Time, Business Insider, Government Executive, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and Inc. Magazine. Publishers and readers also recognize the quality of my content. I published 7 best-selling books, including global bestsellers Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019) and The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger Press, 2020). My newest best-seller is Returning to the Office and Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams: A Manual on Benchmarking to Best Practices for Competitive Advantage (Intentional Insights, 2021). My expertise is globally renowned. My writing was translated into and published in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Polish, French, German, and other languages. On a personal note, I live in Columbus, Ohio. In my free time, I enjoy tennis, gardening, and reading. I also make sure to spend abundant quality time with my wife to avoid my personal life turning into a disaster. I hope to see you in my classes and look forward to sharing the techniques used by executives, managers, and supervisors at Fortune 500 firms with you.