About this course

Emotional Intelligence skills form the foundation for communication, relationships, leadership, motivation, high performance and focus.

It has become increasingly apparent that people with high levels of Emotional Intelligence are more successful in business and in their professional lives than those who just have high levels of “traditional intelligence”.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Why Emotional Intelligence is very important for your career
2. How to integrate a regular Emotional Intelligence practice
3. How emotions, EI and mindset connect and their impact on your results
4. Practical Emotional Intelligence Techniques that help you develop strong Emotional Intelligence habits
5. Apply Emotional Intelligence tools in managing yourself and your relationships with others successfully

This course is designed for all professionals who are on a continuous journey of personal and professional development.
It is especially useful if you are currently in a role where you manage and lead teams, as well as if you are going to step into such a role in the near future.

Become the sought-after leader you know you are!
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What you will learn?
1. Distinguish between what Emotional Intelligence is and is not
2. Identify the connection between Emotional Intelligence and career impact
4. Analyze the connection between emotions, EI and mindset
5. Examine the Emotional Intelligence framework
Skills Covered
1 hour on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Intermediate level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


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11 Video
1 hours
Section 1. Welcome & Introductions-Part1
Welcome to the Emotional Intelligence for Game-Changing Leaders Course
1m 6s
Section 2. Defining Emotional Intelligence-Part1
Defining Emotional Intelligence
4m 8s
Section 3. Emotional Intelligence and Career Impact-Part1
Emotional Intelligence and Career Impact
3m 14s
Section 4. The Emotional Intelligence Framework-Part1
The Emotional Intelligence Framework
15m 26s
Exercise 1: Self-awareness case study
1m 20s
Exercise 2: Social awareness
1m 19s
Section 5. Managing Emotions-Part1
Managing Emotions
6m 10s
Section 6. Mindsetting - The Process of Managing Emotions-Part1
Mindsetting: The Process of Managing Emotions
10m 49s
Section 7. Tools for EI Development-Part1
The Emotion Journal
6m 51s
Developing Empathy: Ask Questions to Become a Better Listener
17m 24s
Section 8. Summary and Recommended Resources-Part1
Summary and Recommended Resources
2m 57s
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Roxana Radulescu / INSTRUCTOR
Helping People Managers become Dream Bosses and build Dream Teams | Leadership Coaching | Team Coaching | Workshops | eLearning | TEDx Speaker | Ex Global Head of Learning & Development

Roxana Radulescu is the Founder and Chief Game-Changer of All Personal, a Canadian training, coaching and consulting company helping people managers and their teams boost communication, engagement and performance, for long-term thriving results. Unlike other people leadership programs that focus on top executives (most often too late in their leadership journey!), her programs are focused rather on mid-managers and their teams. Having worked in international Magic Circle law firms for 16 years and having led the firm-wide Learning & Development department for 8 years, Roxana started her consulting journey in 2017. She is an introverted TEDx Speaker, certified Learning & Development and HR practitioner, Master Coach, Team Coach, online & e-learning course designer & facilitator, podcast & live show host. Roxana has also designed and taught the Workplace Culture and Communication program at York University and College Boreal in Toronto. She is also a contributing author on award-winning e-learning platforms!