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Let’s face it, planning and saving for retirement is not easy. We are told that the earlier we start the better, and that the “magic of compounding” will make our dreams come true. But for most people that’s simply not possible. In our twenties through our forties, we are busy paying for our housing, our cars, our kids, and all the other costs of living. Out of necessity many of us become procrastinators when it comes to saving for retirement. But there is hope. This course will take you step-by-step through planning and saving for retirement starting later in life, as late as in your fifties, and the best way to fund your retirement years. It is an easy-to-follow plan for retirement that can be done in ten years or less. It all starts with the most important step you can take to improve your finances which is to start tracking your family’s spending. You’ll see how to do just that using a free online resource called Mint.com. You will also see demonstrations of spreadsheets including “The Procrastinator’s Number Cruncher” to optimize your investment accumulation and drawdown strategies, the “Estate Planning Record Keeper” to make estate planning simpler, the “RRSP Needed for Mortgage Calculator,” and the “RRSP vs Pay Down Debt” calculators. All spreadsheets are free with the course. And don’t worry if you are younger as all the concepts will still be useful to you. This course is a completely updated and enhanced version of David Trahair’s prior course of the same title.
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