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On the psychology side, we investigate the money monsters that run in your subconscious and dictate your money behavior. We will create sustainable strategies to shift you into healthier behavior patterns to propel you to befriending your cash flow. In the process of befriending your cash flow, in the strategy part of the module, we will go over the theory and practical sides of how to take charge of your monthly cash flow. Money Monsters: This section is covered by Aseel to introduce you to the various money monster archetypes that are sabotaging your success with money. In understanding your monsters, you can start exploring your relationship with money on a deeper level, bringing awareness to your challenges and making room for growth. Aseel has a reflection sheet for further introspection following the course. Be-friend Your Cashflow: This section is covered by Anna, who demonstrates 10 actionable and practical ways to navigate your cashflow. Anna shares her strategies along with examples and downloadable worksheets for you to
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