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This video course covers many useful financial negotiation tips, illustrated by real-life examples that will get you thinking. You will work through mini-cases, to apply principles and increase your financial and business creativity, and help your organization to be financially successful in negotiations. This course is different from and complements tactical/strategic negotiation courses, by being more financial deal-oriented, with lots of specific examples. It is partly about how to persuade, but also about creating different financial options that would be attractive to other parties. Even if you don’t negotiate directly, you can give colleagues strong advice on negotiating. It contains 0.25 verifiable ethics hours.

This course is aimed at accountants but is of interest to anyone in the business world at all, who negotiates or is around others who negotiate.


• Gaining the encouragement to negotiate – some accountants need this
• You can be more persuasive than you realize
• General financial negotiation tips
• Complex sales deals with multiple elements
• Working the numbers to your advantage
• Risky financing negotiations
• Finding new angles and dimensions to negotiate
• Sharing success with the other party
• Purchasing negotiations - service and goods
• Examples in various industries and contexts
• Key watch outs and lessons learned
• Some unusual tactics that you can use
• Ethics in negotiations
• Bureaucracy – don’t take no for an answer
• Some bonus personal life tips


• I really liked the course. I am a typical CPA... not always good at negotiating.
• I enjoyed your course. It reminded me of how great my parents (Italian immigrants) were at negotiating.
• Good course. Multiple real-life examples
• Pretty interesting and applicable tips.
• I have to say that you were entertaining (that's a compliment for an accountant).
• I enjoyed your method and the way you approached the subject. I agree with a lot of what you say and learn additional tips that I can put to good use.
• Very dynamic speaker; enjoyed the flow of content during the presentation as it kept me alert and interested; interesting cases and anecdotes.
• topic, broad list of related topics covered, good pace, good use of humor
• Excellent course, tons of practical tips and creative out-of-the-box solutions. Very useful!
• It's great that we can apply what we learned not only at work but also in our personal life

What you will learn?
Hear about all kinds of general financial and business negotiation tips, illustrated with examples
Work the numbers to your advantage
Find new angles and dimensions to negotiate and share success with the other party
Learn some unusual tactics that you can use
Don’t take no for answer when the bureaucracy holds you up and get some bonus personal life tips
Gain the courage to negotiate – some accountants need this
Skills Covered
4 hours on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Intermediate level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


verified 100% moneyback guarantee
If you cancel within 10 days and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.
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7 Video
4 hours
Section 1. Lesson 1 - Introduction and the courage to negotiate, you are more persuasive than you realize (course slide handout)-Part1
Lesson 1
34m 45s
Section 2. Lesson 2 – Some successes and failures, sales people, lawyers and negotiations & staying ethical-Part1
Lesson 2
29m 27s
Section 3. Lesson 3 - Being informed/know the other side, various tactical approaches, seeking more dimensions to negotiate, the very useful MFN clause-Part1
Lesson 3
36m 54s
Section 4. Lesson 4 - Foreign exchange angles, an IP ownership trick, financing unusual assets, the business case, real estate creativity, service business payment alternatives, personal life tips-Part1
Lesson 4
36m 8s
Section 5. Lesson 5 – Royalty negotiations with some extra lessons, more tactics, M&A, don’t take no for an answer, the use of options, risky financing creativity-Part1
Lesson 5
39m 32s
Section 6. Lesson 6 – More risky financing creativity, union negotiations, some more tactics ideas, tax auditor negotiations, comprehensive case scenario-Part1
Lesson 6
32m 24s
Section 7. Lesson 7 - Comprehensive case response & negotiating your own salary-Part1
Lesson 7
32m 20s
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Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA is the President and Founder of Practical PD. Stephen's current occupation is the Vice-President, Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of the SureWx Inc. group of companies (Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands) SureWx is a global aviation business, an industry leader in the area of assisting airlines optimizing winter operations. Although he enjoys speaking, he only wants to do it on the side, he likes his real world job. An engaging and experienced seminar leader, Stephen Priddle weaves practical tips together with stories from his business experience and input from participants. Seasoning the mix with a dose of accounting humour, he serves up useful and dynamic seminars. When speaking, he is candid about errors he has made in his career and the lessons that can be learned from them. Someone said: “humans are hard-wired to learn from stories” – Stephen is in part a business/accounting story teller, who draws out the lessons from the stories. Stephen’s teaching experience includes presenting accounting seminars for over 40 accounting bodies and organizations in Canada and abroad. He is a Session Leader in the new CPA Professional Education Program, and has taught at the University of Toronto and Carleton University. He has moderated in the legacy Canadian CMA Strategic Leadership Program, and taught in the CA program and the CGA program. Stephen is a prolific author. His published business, accounting and finance cases are used by many organizations. Stephen has over 35 years of varied business experience. After working with KPMG for five years, he moved into industry, where he has worked for public and private companies. He has gained a wide range of experience in financial reporting, treasury management, merger & acquisition and other business matters. Through his seminars, he interacts with hundreds of financial leaders a year and thus stays on the leading edge in terms of best practices and hot topics. He advises a number of businesses and sits on the Board of SureWx Inc. He sat on the Advisory Board of Valydate Corporation until its 2017 acquisition by Mentor Graphics, a Siemens company. Stephen obtained his CPA, CA and CMA designations following graduation from Carleton University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree, accounting major.