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Do you often wonder where to start when thinking about slowing down one day? Do you worry you will not have enough to live on when that day comes? Are you confused about the type of pensions out there and how they all fit in? How about investing for retirement? In this practical course, Anna Knight, an experienced retirement planner and a Certified Financial Planner with an active practice in Ontario will walk you through the basics of retirement planning. She will start by understanding the current retirement challenges, and how much income you need to retire on, and move through an in-depth discussion around the types of retirement income available out there and a detailed explanation of the type of investment vehicles available out there in Canada to provide suitable retirement income. During this course, Anna will also discuss pensions and income options from pensions to provide you with a complete retirement overview. This course can also be used as a self-discovery so you can determine if you are ready for your retirement. It includes easy-to-follow slides and a worksheet to help you determine how this information applies to you and your situation. In addition, financial planning tax strategies can be a very powerful tool to maximize your income today, into retirement, and how much of your hard-earned dollars get passed on to the next generation. In this course, you will learn not only tax planning strategies for today, but also the basics of estate planning and how to use tax planning to maximize the value of your or your client's estate.
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