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The Accounting Industry has been undergoing a fundamental, irreversible change. But change means Opportunity!

The features of the Accounting Industry, include:
* Long, established, professional history
* Few big firms, many smaller firms
* Relatively low barrier to entry and low enterprise value
* Value created based on skills of people
* Provider of a good livelihood for many

mean that many Accountants have become complacent in terms of expectations for the future. Skills are undervalued and some highly-skilled people have departed the profession.

The 9 modules of this course will examine what's driving change and define strategies for building a successful business in this evolving Accounting Market. We'll cover:

* The Changing Market - Clients and the Competition
* Changes in Hiring and Technology
* Goal-setting, Product Development, and Client Management
* Team-building and Organizational Design
* Business Development

Seizing Opportunities in a Changing Accounting Market calls on deep market insights and years of working with exceptional Accountants to define strategies to help you build exactly the business you want and achieve the goals of owners, managers, clients, and team members.

What you will learn?
Learn what's driving change in the Accounting Industry
Identify strategies to help your Accounting Business successfully navigate change
Lay the foundations for a resilient, agile, exceptional business
Realize the goals of your owners, team and clients
Skills Covered
2.5 hours on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Beginner level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


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9 Video
2.5 hours
Section 1. Module 1: Factors Driving Change - The Market
The Drivers of Change, the Clients and the Competition
29m 21s
Section 2. Module 2: Factors Driving Change - Technology & Hiring
The Drivers of Change - Technology and Hiring
16m 52s
Section 3. Module 3: Strategies for Future Success - Goal Setting
Get Clear on Goals and the Approach to Achieving Them
13m 12s
Section 4. Module 4: Strategies for Future Success - Astute Market Understanding
What does 'Astute Market Understanding' Mean? How Can it Benefit You?
9m 50s
Section 5. Module 5: Strategies for Future Success - Astute Product Development
Why 'Products'?
14m 44s
Section 6. Module 6: Strategies for Future Success - Astute Client Management
Sell, Retain, Up-sell and Get Referrals!
13m 34s
Section 7. Module 7: Strategies for Future Success - Astute Organizational Design
Build a Business, Hire 'Different' and Create an Org Structure
13m 17s
Section 8. Module 8: Strategies for Future Success - Astute Team Building
Build a Scalable People Business
14m 15s
Section 9. Module 9: Strategies for Success - Astute Business Development
Business Development for Accountants 101
14m 1s
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Mark Ferris is an entrepreneur who has founded, built and exited businesses which sell services and solutions to corporate customers. His career has spanned Asia, North America and Australia where he is currently based. As a founder, director and investor in early stage technology businesses, he is especially passionate about enabling the rapid growth of businesses to the benefit of all stakeholders. Mark currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Panalitix, an organization which enables accountants to develop first-class advisory capabilities.