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Are you currently having soft skills challenges in your life and work? Do you want to develop your soft skills for success in life and work? Do you want to learn more about the essential soft skills and how to apply these skills in your life and at work? This course is a practical action-oriented course designed to give you the tools, tips, and strategies to develop your soft skills for personal development and success in your life and at work, with over 100 practical tips & strategies. This course aims to give you an insight into the essential soft skills and how you can use these, as well as to look at your own soft skills and identify the areas where you want to improve. The course will also give you a wealth of soft skills tools, tips, and strategies to use for personal development and success in your life and at work. As you go through the course you will be able to apply the learnings and develop your own personalized soft skills plan. The course is designed to be practical and relevant to real life. It includes lots of ideas, tips and strategies, straightforward explanations, and lots of information for you to use as to how to develop and improve your soft skills. It is not a theoretical or academic course on soft skills. What are soft skills? Soft skills are the personal qualities that help you thrive in life and in the workplace. They are the behavioral and interpersonal skills that relate to how effectively you interact with others and handle everyday life and specific situations. These are quite different from hard skills which refer to the specific knowledge and abilities that you need to perform your job effectively or to complete a task. Hard skills are the measurable skills acquired through training, education, and practise. In a competitive labour market, prospective employees who demonstrate they have a good combination of hard and soft skills often see a greater demand for their services. In this course, we cover a whole range of essential soft skills, including: * Communication and relationships skills, including communication and building rapport, listening, asking questions, body language, emotional intelligence, and relationships. * Action skills, including goal setting, planning and taking action, productivity and effectiveness, decision-making and problem-solving, learning and development, and asking for help and support. * Self-management skills, including health and well-being, thinking, confidence and assertiveness, and resilience. Field of Study: Personal Development
This course includes:
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