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Nothing is more important to the success of your career and practice than your ability to communicate your ideas clearly, persuasively, and proactively.

The best ideas mean nothing unless you can convince people of the value of what you are proposing.

This course will help you explain the benefits of your services and the strategy you want your clients to pursue.

Here are a few ideas from the course:

We make the vast majority of our important decisions in life and business more on how we feel about the issue than what we think about it. This course will teach you how to appeal to the emotional side of our decision making process.
Empathy is your most powerful tool in communicating and persuading others.
We must constantly translate and interpret any important concept so others understand us.

Bob Berkowitz has been a communications coach and consultant for lawyers, accountants, CEOs, Prime Ministers for twenty years.

Previously, he was a White House correspondent for CNN, a reporter for ABC News, the “Today” how, and a talkshow host for CNBC.

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The Seven Elements of Powerful and Persuasive Communication
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