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If you work in finance, audit, accounting, or tax, being able to use VLOOKUP in Excel is a must. It will help you speed up your work significantly, boost your resume, and be a star in your team. This course will help you finally master the VLOOKUP function. It starts with easy examples for newcomers and continues with advanced features explained in easy language. You will learn how to compare two spreadsheets and find differences or missing rows, how to connect data from multiple spreadsheets and create a report in minutes. XLOOKUP is the modern version of VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel 365 that has even more amazing uses. Refresh your Excel knowledge with 14 lessons on this function as well. You can practice with the tutor as all the worksheets are provided with the course. NEW FREE Lessons! The course also contains 3 free lessons on Pivot tables, Password protection and In-Cell Dropdowns
This course includes:
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