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In Heather’s work as a career coach, she’s found that the people who feel most successful and satisfied in their work are those who know how they want work to fit into the whole of their lives. When you’re looking for work, do you think about the day-to-day expectations of the role, the particular culture you may be entering, and whether the specific leaders are going to provide the opportunity to engage, contribute, and grow in ways that are meaningful to you? These are all important! In this class, you’ll uncover what the right fit is for you by identifying: • Your Priorities • Your top skills • Your working environment Once you have those pieces, Heather will walk you through the importance of being authentic with: • Your Connections • Your stories (i.e., cover letter, resume, and interviews) Whether you’re just graduating, mid-career, closer to retirement, or anywhere in between, this course will support you in identifying your top needs and how you’d like work to fit into your life.
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