Better and Easier Strategic Planning

This Strategic Planning course is designed to help you transform ambiguous visualizations of what your business' future or success may look like. Having strategies in place allows you to pinpoint and clarify your goals further so you can take them out of your head to work with, while using a concrete detailed map and plan. In essence, so you can chart your best ideas inside of real activities that move you forward. As a result, you focus on what matters to your business longevity, use resources to their fullest potential, and take only the steps that lead you to better chances for success. No more squirrels, or rabbit holes for you, my friend.

Now you’ve got a clear path to guide you to business growth and success. And when you follow this Strategic Planning course, you’ll create your very own plan – applying dedicated tools and mechanisms to support your projects and activities for a productive journey forward - ultimately saving you time, money, effort and other valuable resources that you can't afford to waste.

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Course Description

Seven supporting videos* (totalling 30.5 minutes) – The Introduction, and 6 videos highlighting each section of the Guide. These videos break down the Guide, step by step, explaining the exercise's crucial elements and how they fit into the overall picture of your business goals and development, growth and success.

Your personal (PDF) copy of the *dedicated guide entitled, “Better (and Easier) Strategic Planning – For Small-Business Owners And Solo Entrepreneurs”.* This step-by-step Guide details the entire Strategic Planning process so you achieve easier mapping and implementation of your business goals and short- or long-term business strategies for success.

Mission and Vision Statement Excerpt - Project *(PDF copy) (includes sample Vision Statements from recognized companies) - For convenient referencing while conducting this crucial exercise in your business. So you have a better understanding of your business' reason for existing and how this drives your decisions - within your path to future growth and success. (Recommended for printing - for easier reference).

Action Plan Excerpt *(PDF copy) - To help develop a clearer, more detailed picture of where you're going as you create a skeleton to build on so you come away with a workable final plan and report. This part of the exercise helps you identify various components in your business, including essential activities and projects, budgeting, resources and more – so you can eliminate distractions, and create consistency in processes for better efficiency and productivity in your business.

Strategic Planning Report Outline - Excerpt *from Strategic Planning Exercise Guide (PDF copy) - Use as your Table of Contents so you come away with a comprehensive report that represents your big picture for success. (Recommended for printing - for easier reference).

Course Walkthrough

  • Strategic Planning Introduction
  • What Strategic Planning Is
  • Mission and Vision Statements Project
  • Your Plan’s Outline
  • Action Plan for Success
  • Project Management and To-Do Lists
  • Branding Image Supply
  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Outline Strategic Planning
  • Mission Vision Statement Project
  • Action Plan Excerpt Skillshare
  • Strategic Planning Exercise Outline Example
  • Branding And Business Strategy
  • 2 - BetterStratPlanningGuide forCPDFormula ShellyMoreau May2018 (1)
  • Feedback / comments
  • Certificate: Better and Easier Strategic Planning

About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Shelly Moreau
Shelly Moreau

About The Presenter - Shelly Moreau - Professional Copywriter and Strategy Guide

Before turning to a career in professional copywriting,
Shelly devoted nearly thirty years working in an administrative background in public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Her attention to detail and logical, strategic approach to work and challenges were evident from a young age and throughout her career. It was also during this time – while working in a world-renowned art institution –– that she was introduced to and given an opportunity to develop her writing abilities.

As time passed, Shelly became more and more enthralled with writing until it became an all-consuming love. That’s when she decided to take the leap and honed her skills further toward a copywriting profession. In 2012, after much reflection, she surrendered to the longing. Now she's thrilled to be doing work that provides deeper career fulfillment that incorporates her strategic and logical way of thinking. 

An Exciting New Career As a professional Copywriter
Shelly is strongly influenced every day by the business mindset, employing intuitive and logical methods of tackling challenges she used for nearly three decades. And that knowledge and experience guide her as she manages her current business, establishes mechanisms to keep moving forward, deals with clients, and reaches her goals. It’s also from this influential and extensive background that this resource (among others) and workshop were developed.

Other Publications
And to date, Shelly is the author of five publications (and creator of three info-graphics) on the subjects of effective business strategies, copywriting principles, real estate description writing, and direct mail marketing. These publications are the result of her ongoing business practice, and underlying philosophy of, “share what you know so others will grow”.

Related Activities
Shelly is also an avid landscape photographer, chasing birds and capturing nature in varied forms. It's nothing to take a few hundred shots in an afternoon photo jaunt with her best friend. In addition, Shelly's time at the famous art institution (The National Gallery of Canada - from 1988-1998) brought out the desire to paint in oils, where she captures winter scenes, much like her favourite painter (Cornelius Kreighoff) did  back in the days when Quebec and Canada were first settled.

So you see, creativity not only flows through Shelly's work, it's evident in her leisure time as well – although most activities are followed through with a keen eye on through calculated steps and methods to achieve the best results. smile