Instructor Payments

There is no fee to create and host a course on CPDFormula. You can publish as many free and paid courses as you like. We believe in a sustainable partnership where instructors are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and CPDFormula is rewarded for driving traffic to our instructors.

About the instructor revenue share 

CPDFormula operates under a flat fee payment system for paid courses. As an instructor, fee payment is:

  • CPDFormula Organic → Standard rate set based on pre-negotiated term on organic CPDFormula sales where no Coupon is used.

If you’re opted in to any of our marketing programs, i.e., CPDFormula Package Credits, and the marketing boost program, your fee would be market value of your course to CPAs, or a proportionate value of revenue derived from the package sold based on the number of hours, if lower than the set fee.

These programs are completely optional. That said, instructors who participate in CPDFormula’s Marketing Programs can make more than instructors who don't participate.

Revenue share scenarios

These examples explain possible payment scenarios:

Scenario Description Net Payments (Net of 3%)

Individual Course Sales

A student finds your course in CPDFormula's marketplace and makes a purchase without using an Instructor Coupon code

You always get paid for each user license.

  • Set Fee Instructor
  • Set Fee CPDFormula

Part of the Package Sales

A Student purchased a special CPDFormula ad promoted package with your course.

You always get paid for each user license.

  • 50% of Instructor Set Fee (starting in 2018)
  • Set Fee CPDFormula

Instructor Coupon Code Sales


A student purchases your course using an Instructor Coupon code, either from promotions to your own audience (e.g., your email list or YouTube subscribers) or to your CPDFormula students via Promotional Announcements.

  • 100% Instructor
  • 0% CPDFormula
  • *Not currently available - future option*

The key thing to keep in mind is that if you’re spending your time doing what you do best -- creating high-quality courses and getting students excited about your CPDFormula course -- you stand to get paid for each student from course sales. 

You always get paid for each user license.

In the meantime, CPDFormula will be hard at work growing the marketplace, expanding your potential audience, and delivering you results. Instructor success boils down to one simple equation:


CPDFormula really shines at growing the marketplace and expanding your potential audience, and this instructor revenue share allows us to invest heavily in aggressively marketing on your behalf [think: new channels such as CPDFormula For Organizations, mobile, new international markets, and many, many more new potential students].

Plus, and this part is important, CPDFormula is a true community. In addition to having our entire marketing team push for your success (whether that means driving dollars, impacting students, or something else), our instructors support one another by pooling their knowledge about what works.

You’ll be able to track your sales, including the student source and traffic source for each student in your profile.

We’re thrilled to partner with you to truly change the game in education, and make sure that people worldwide have a chance to never stop learning.