CPD Pricing and Promotions Policy 

This Pricing and Promotions Policy includes all of the information on Our pricing, optional marketing programs, and promotions.

We will provide You notice via email or a notification on the CPDFormula website prior to any material changes to this Pricing and Promotions Policy taking effect. If You have any questions on this policy, please email Our Support team using the form below.

All capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning as provided in the Terms of Use or the Instructor Agreement (“Instructor Terms”). This Pricing and Promotions Policy is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Instructor Agreement.


Selecting a Base Price 
As an Instructor, You may select a Tier governing the Base Price for Your Course Thereafter, Students will see the price selected, unless otherwise adjusted pursuant to the terms of this Pricing and Promotions Policy. This price tier matrix will be updated periodically according to market conditions or as exchange rates change.

Minimum Course Price: $0, Maximum Course Price: $1,000 CAD.

Earnings and Taxes

As set forth in Section 9 of the Instructor Agreement, If You do not opt into the CPDFormula Marketing Programs (see below), We will pay You a set amount of a predetermined fee Net Amount (net of 3% credit card fees) received for Your Course less any applicable deductions such as Student refunds (“Standard Payment Share”). Should You decide to opt into any of Our Marketing Programs, the relevant payment share may be different, as defined for each program, or as agreed to by e-mail correspondence.

CPDFormula makes all payments to Instructors in CAD regardless of the currency in which the Student transacts. CPDFormula will assume all transaction processing fees, excluding foreign currency conversion. 

Revenue Report

Your revenue report will display the local Sales Price (in localized currency) and the applied exchange rates in your Profile.


CPDFormula’s Marketing Programs for Paid Courses
CPDFormula gives Instructors an opportunity to opt into the following currently available marketing programs (“Package Credit”). You assume to be enrolled into packages unless you opt-out by e-mail. To participate in any of these programs or adjust Your preferences, log in to Your CPDFormula Account or contact us at support@cpdformula.com. The specific deals may change from time to time to optimize Your revenue, but the most current deals are below:

  1. CPDFormula Package Credit (Auto Opt-In): Targeted to Drive Sales of Your Course(s). 
  • a) Many Students enrol in Courses every year through the CPDFormula Package Credit program. Both of the promotional channels that make up the CPDFormula Deals program are powerful levers to help You maximize Your revenue potential on CPDFormula. The CPDFormula Package Credit program utilizes highly segmented discounting via email and other channels designed to optimize sales of Your Course. “Fixed-Price Promotions”:
    • The “Fixed-Price Promotions” program allows CPDFormula to offer Your Course for a fixed price that is less than the Base Price, but no less than approximately $10 CAD. You can negotiate your rate by e-mailing support@cpdformula.com, otherwise, we will set it based on market rates appropriately based on the relative value to CPAs or based on a proportionate credit value out of the total credit package (i.e. 1 hour out of 20 hours). Please note, the Sale Price under Fixed-Price Promotions may represent a discount exceeding 50% depending on the applicable Base Price.
  • b) CPDFormula Package Credit program offers may be promoted via the Services, communications to Users, or Third Party Platforms. You understand and agree that the actual duration may vary for any specific CPDFormula Package Credit program.

Instructor Created Coupons

As an Instructor, You may be able to increase Your sales by promoting Your Course(s) by using a coupon code (“Coupon Code”) that You have created on CPDFormula.

You will receive ninety-seven percent (97%) of the Net Amount from those Student who input Your Coupon Code at the time they enrol in Your Course.

By using Coupon Codes, You may offer Your Course(s) at any percentage discount, provided Your Course Sale Price does not fall below $10 CAD. Alternatively, You may also offer Your Course(s) for free, i.e. at a full 100% off of the Base Price. Note that the actual discount may be slightly higher due to rounding and currency conversion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, You may issue Coupon Codes that allow Users to take Your Course for free.

As an Instructor, You should be aware that the currency Your Students see on the Services may be different than the currency at which You listed Your Course. Your coupon will still work and it will give a proportional discount in any of the CPDFormula supported currencies. 

When the country of the Student requires Us to charge tax, Course prices set by Instructors are inclusive of tax in the transaction. When an Instructor sees this transaction in the revenue report, the revenue share is calculated from the price the Student paid minus tax.