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Alexia Georghiou

Leader, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, University Instructor
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From experience and education, I provide insightful and impactful courses to sharpen our skills. Let's be the best we can be and foster success in ourselves, our teams and organizations.

In 2022 I led a board as president, with projects to amend by-laws, support a scholarship to a local university student, and acknowledge a notable woman in our community. I had served on the board for the 2 previous years and currently am helping with transitioning and training for the current board in an immediate past president chair position.

My expertise comes from a Masters degree in Counseling, Bachelor degree in Social Work, Certification to teach the Bible from Rhema Bible College & recent certification in Leadership & Management from Wharton Executive Education. I have 30+ years experience with well-being initiatives.
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Keeping Motivation
Welcoming the New Year with healthy life choices. What we call goals, needs to be reframed so we can understand our why and stay motivated. In this s ...