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Beyond being a Resume Writer, Interview Skills Coach & Career Guide, I am also into Curriculum Development with a background in teaching and training, and, a world traveler, and treehouse lover, too! How I got here People often ask me how I got into a non-traditional career like resume writing, and, no, it’s not a career that high school or college advisor sets a student out to become! In some ways, it started quite unintentionally.... read the rest of my story here: Background Basics Here’s some details to my own “job search journey”: Resume Confidence, as an independent Resume Writer & Interview Skills Coach began in 2002, working with private clients from around the country. Contract writer for two executive search and resume writing firms Resume Editor for an arts college in their Career Service Center. Career Placement Specialist with Work Net/One Stop national government funded program for any laid-off professionals and college career center Resume Critiquer for Local Hires and Women for Hire job fairs in Tampa Member/participant with Career Directors International and Career Management Alliance
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James I.
this is a good course to prepare oneself to be confident in the job search
Tom K.
The quizzes are poorly worded and ambiguous, it should be intuitive if you select all of the above as an answer, you shouldn't have to select all the answers anyway, all of the above means all of the above. The questions don't say select all that apply, they say chose the most correct answer, meaning one (1) answer. Other than that, it was ok. I took a few things from it.
Ewa P.
Thank you for providing lots of useful information that will help me make the decision when deciding whether or not to hire a resume writer.
Ami P.
wish it was more tailored to accountants but was still very useful.
Gerald K.
Very informative from the applicants perspective, but also gives insight to the prospective employer.
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